Sight (A Neji Hyuga Love Story)

Sight (A Neji Hyuga Love Story)

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Meg By MichaelisHearts Updated Dec 01, 2016

"But I can't see..."

"Yeah, and I have 360 degree vision."


"Let me be your eyes."

Chigurisu Ayame and her little sister, Minali came to Konoha looking for a fresh start. The village was peaceful, unlike their old home, and the two were finally able to look towards the future with no worries. Minali soon joins the academy, following her dream to be a ninja, while Ayame finds a job at the local flower shop.

 Yes, life is simple. That is, until a certain Hyuga walks in and turns it all upside down.

*Not my first story. Look for Gaara's Rose, Maeme's Dream, Raven Song, and my book of poetry, The Lives We Touch.*

korean_sister korean_sister Dec 02, 2016
I KNEW IT! She was blind! I could tell when they thought she was a Hyuga because of her eyes
acediamonde acediamonde Sep 13, 2016
The shinobi world didn't like the idea of Rock Lee either... But clearly Lee is a fountain of youth when it comes to being a shinobi!
AnimeOtakuSymmetry AnimeOtakuSymmetry Aug 25, 2016
Radioactive_Ninja138 Radioactive_Ninja138 Feb 23, 2016
This is so Adorable and sad at the same time... Either way, I love it! ^^
TickleMeEmo TickleMeEmo 4 days ago
Couldn't have said it... just a wee bit nicer? I mean, you probably said it that way for a reason, but still.
MichaelisHearts MichaelisHearts Feb 23, 2016
Yea. I'll come back to work on this after the end of Maeme's Dream. I just wanted to see if I would have readers for this one lol.