Cliché & Unexpected

Cliché & Unexpected

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Mrs. Lachowski By ambrosia_ Completed

Chloe Miller - a sarcastic and innocent good girl who wants to pursue a career in writing. She's not a nerd. No, don't make that mistake. She is like a kitten, cute and vicious at times.

'The Ryder Knight' - the badass. He is not a player. Don't make that mistake either. He is an arrogant bad boy who likes to keep to himself.

Well, when these two were to cross paths, it was bound to be a little... odd. And this was all because of a stupid catch. She hasn't known him for long but she already feels like ripping his head off.

❅ For starters, he is an arrogant badass.
❅ He is scary and ruthless while she shrieks at the sight of a cockroach.
❅ He gets drunk quite a lot while she's in bed by nine.
❅ He curses and she absolutely hates swearing.
❅ He fights, as in championships, and she can barely hurt a fly even if she wanted to.
❅ And lastly, he is a bad boy and she is a good girl.

This is going to be all rainbows and unicorns, right? No, don't make that mistake.

TRAILER TO THE SIDE made by Jade (halcyons).
(A/N: This has way more seriousness than what is portrayed in the description. Kind of cliche though.)

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silent_immortal silent_immortal Jun 10, 2017
Just the description told me that if I don't read this book, I would probably be missing out on something great. I am very picky with what I read and I do believe this can and will live up to my expectations. 
velvetsara velvetsara Jun 12, 2017
rr but haven't read it in like a over a year or two so i forgot
Please tell me she can fight so she can whoop his sorry ass when he’s being a dick and I have a feeling that would be a lot of times.
YasOhMy YasOhMy Sep 15, 2017
She better be comfortable with her sexuality whether she was a virgin or not.
smallz4 smallz4 Oct 11, 2017
The hell does her virginity have anything to do with how you define a person? Wattpad enfaces too much on a persons virginity like damn smh.
- - Jun 09, 2017
I don't swear that much but I normally do if I'm angry or just talkig