Cliché & Unexpected

Cliché & Unexpected

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Mrs. Lachowski By ambrosia_ Completed

Chloe Miller - a sarcastic and innocent good girl who wants to pursue a career in writing. She's not a nerd. No, don't make that mistake. She is like a kitten, cute and vicious at times.

'The Ryder Knight' - the badass. He is not a player. Don't make that mistake either. He is an arrogant bad boy who likes to keep to himself.

Well, when these two were to cross paths, it was bound to be a little... odd. And this was all because of a stupid catch. She hasn't known him for long but she already feels like ripping his head off.

❅ For starters, he is an arrogant badass.
❅ He is scary and ruthless while she shrieks at the sight of a cockroach.
❅ He gets drunk quite a lot while she's in bed by nine.
❅ He curses and she absolutely hates swearing.
❅ He fights, as in championships, and she can barely hurt a fly even if she wanted to.
❅ And lastly, he is a bad boy and she is a good girl.

This is going to be all rainbows and unicorns, right? No, don't make that mistake.

TRAILER TO THE SIDE made by Jade (halcyons).
(A/N: This has way more seriousness than what is portrayed in the description. Kind of cliche though.)

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vithevelociraptor vithevelociraptor Dec 29, 2016
Ohhhhh. I totally remember this book completely and what happens in this book.This paragraph made me remember.
sablikestodab sablikestodab Dec 28, 2016
NOW I KNOW WHY I KEEP SAYING SHNITZELS- it's her fault. #rrtimes3
vithevelociraptor vithevelociraptor Dec 29, 2016
Ask him if he's feeling okay or if anything is going on in his life that's making him upset. If that doesn't work ask if he's ignoring you. And/or if he's cheating.
My mom throws shoes at my dad and one time she even threw rollerblades
There was a senior last year named rider and he was hot as hell. He had a sleeve tattoo and a six pack. And when ever he saw me he would always hug me and tell me he loves me
TomatoFox TomatoFox Dec 21, 2016
lmao Gay best friends.
                              I love them
                              I don't have any though T-T