The rebel and the nerd

The rebel and the nerd

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Grace XOX By Grace_LXOX Updated Mar 20

Fourth book in the nerd series, 
Last instalment of the series. 

This a stand alone book so you don't need previous books to read this one, there are only returning characters. 

Follow the bumpy ride of Cade Halls, the son of Caillum and Xaviour, he will find love, friendship, loss and heartbreak and a few more put putt holes  along the way.  So sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. 


Vote||comment|| enjoy Xxx 

Grace XOX

Charmystery Charmystery Jun 15
same with me well I was mostly like that when I was young the volumes on any device had to be even or I will just get annoyed
I have OCD and I do that same things like every thing has to be perfect on my side of the room 3 sisters I share my bedroom with :(
keka31 keka31 Aug 06
I'll be doodling on the side of my face with eyeliner and my mouth will still be open xD
I'm Cuban and Peruvian and the translation is almost perfect. Which is saying a lot because a lot of people usually get Spanish wrong in English books
*thinks about all the times I've put on mascara* I actually have no clue
At first I read his name like the word Seven with a t, but then I was like, "Wait a minute..."