The Mafia Alliance  #Wattys2016

The Mafia Alliance #Wattys2016

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ღ ɴᴀғɪsᴀʜ ღ By lovelyness- Completed

Alianza, it means Alliance. 

Alexia Bella de la rosa is the only daughter of Marco De la rosa, one of the most powerful Mafia bosses in the world, Alexia is the only daughter and therefore the most precious member of the family, she is known as the Mafia princess, a true beauty in the eyes of every man, Alexia is smart, strong, brave and knows how to shoot a gun.

Damien Fernandez is the only son of another mafia boss, Franco Fernandez. He is known as the Mafia prince and is  the man that every woman wants, but not every woman can get.

Franco and Marco are best friends and at some point so were alexia and Damien, in order to become more powerful the two families made an arrangement since the moment that they were both born, when alexia turns 18 she is to marry Damien and join the two families together. 

With threats coming from different directions, follow the journey of love and action between the prince and princess of the Mafia world.

-sorry for any mistakes in translations, please tell me if they are wrong-

DiaG127 DiaG127 Nov 17
Im not 100% sure but I'm pretty sure the author used Google translate which I respect cus she tried but the grammar is  little off
Funny thing, my surname is De La Rocha (Exactly as it is read) and she has almost the same surname lol
Lunabelman Lunabelman Nov 18
If this is in Spanish I can help!! The correct way would be : Papa que esta mal?
Novia means girlfriend. I don't mean to correct you in a bad way it was just a little awkward reading this.