Adopted By Markiplier (Completed)

Adopted By Markiplier (Completed)

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Hi Fellow Readers! Welcome to my Adopted by Markiplier book! Before I start, this book includes some gore in it, thanks to Darkiplier. If you don't like blood, killing, Darkiplier (mainly) then some of the chapter's you can skip, or just the gory parts. Also, i'm giving Bree wings and a cat tail, and cat ears. I know I'm stealing someone else's idea, but I just needed to put in this here book! Also got that? Awesome! This takes place in 2015, so Mark has da pink fluffy hairz!! and any event that happens in one of Mark's videos or just a event, will be in this book. Enjoy the story Fellow Readers!
  The sequel is out! If you finished, go read it! (if you want to) See ya in the sequel Fellow Readers!

~Another update~

I cringe every time I read this back

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Ok ink if it's just me or was it called bree a few times in this instead of  (y/n)
cooperelsa cooperelsa Mar 29, 2017
SkylaWolfIeGamer SkylaWolfIeGamer Nov 22, 2016
SHE LOST HER IPAD FOR 5 YEARS????!??!??!???! OMG!!!!! (Sound like my life's story)
lakonmitchel4317 lakonmitchel4317 Jul 07, 2016
Helpful advice: New speaker, new line. Also markiplier!! How could she not know who markiplier is?!
Roobear2125 Roobear2125 Jan 05, 2017
Dark can read minds u idiot! Oh um yeah u dont know who dark is.....
NightOwl8D NightOwl8D Dec 19, 2016
I have one thing to ask i mean I like the wings but why cat ears and tail? Why not dog ears and tail?!?!