Revenge of the Undercover Nerd

Revenge of the Undercover Nerd

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Rosetta By pudding_dog123 Updated Jun 07

Elodie probably has the worst life in the entire world. Her dad abuses her, her ex-friends bully her, and her mom's dead. All because she's a fat pig.

But her once miserable life changes as she gets kidnapped and recruited as an assassin.

After two years, she's back, beautiful and ready to kick ass. 


After the first day of living in her hometown as an undercover nerd, she finds her bully from 3 years ago.

What happens when she realizes he's not a bad guy anymore?

Or when he finds out that she's the fat pig who mysteriously died?

*First chapter's got a lot of beating and swearing so you can skip that

Idk y.. but I feel like crying *waits for 3 seconds then the crying starts*
My name is Ethan and this is really awkward and I feel bad for sharing a name with someone this awful.
eh-lee-ah eh-lee-ah May 15
No, your not. No one is ugly, that's just someone else's opinion, and their opinions will never matter. Only yours do, so don't think what they think. Be unique, not like all those other people.
Anti_dote Anti_dote Jul 20
My god that's why you're fat you just made me wanna eat less and excise but I don't want that
najaha66 najaha66 Sep 14
What if someone was curvy and their  thighs rub together when they walk? That doesn't really mean they're fat. :)
shay583 shay583 Jun 30
I fell on the floor laughing so hard that I woke up almost everyone in my house.