Rebellion (Phan)

Rebellion (Phan)

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After the Queen died, her son took over. He grew hungry with power. Under hushed words, people would call him The Tyrant. If you talked of such things and got caught, you'd be jailed for life, no matter what age. However, masked groups of people are rebelling against the new King's system, starting riots, slowly breaking apart the government. The hostages never spoke, even at the brink of death. Now people are talking about teens, as young as fourteen, joining the ranks. Other rumors say that their leader is a teenager himself.

Phil Lester has known Dan for a while now. About three years, in fact. They are fantastic friends, maybe even best friends, and they would always tell each other everything. Right?

Dan Howell is a secret leader of the Rebels. He doesn't want Phil to know. Because if Phil find out, he might want to join. And that will get his best friend killed. So once Daniel leaves the gates of Manchester's Hall for ages 11-18, he puts on his mask and enters a new personality.

My sister calls it "the proper way" and refuses to eat it any other way.
Not as strange as trying to overthrow the fuckin King everyday after school smh
Queen_Xena Queen_Xena Nov 02
Lol my friend does that but only cuz the pizzas at my school are greasy as fūck
thank god they are related, i don't need her getting involved in the phan shipping
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Heeeere we go agaaaiiin (this is like the 5th time I'v eread this
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Jfc I'm not looking at the comments anymore smh so many re-readers shhhhh keep your spoilers to yourself plz