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The Missing Link - Divided (Sequel)

The Missing Link - Divided (Sequel)

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3DaysFromLove By 3DaysFromLove Updated Jul 16, 2012

Sequel to: "The Missing Link"
Ellie Potter has things finally starting to go her way. Though not long ago she'd heard and had explained a prophecy concerning her, her brother, and Voldemort, all of that is far from her mind seeing as her wedding is fast approaching. It's a dream. She's going to be able to spend forever with her love, have the most fun job in the world, and her real family won't be very far away. However, when things don't go quite as smoothly as planned on her wedding day, and she finds herself on the run, hiding from the Death Eater's that are trying to take her and her brother to Lord Voldemort.
After finding out the dangerous truth about Voldemort's Horcruxes, Ellie, the Wealsey twins, and a few other friends go on a seperate but yet connected path with the Trio - one that involves PotterWatch, the surviving members of the Order, Snatchers, Weasley pranks, a few romances, death, injury, attempting to kill people, house elves, hippogriffs, and even the Hallows. 
Worst of all, when the time comes for the prophecies to merge, Ellie finds herself having to choose. And it's one of the most dangerous choices that decides whether Harry will kill Ellie, Ellie will kill him, both of them dying, or somehow managing for both of them to survive.
Neither can live while the other survives...and this family is about to become Divided.

MilaBailee MilaBailee Oct 08, 2015
@CrazieAlly wait I'd Order of phoneix before or after Half blood prince I always get confused between the two
Cyber_Girlz Cyber_Girlz Sep 23, 2015
I bet Sirius is walking her down the isle (thank the lord he is alive!☺️)
Hermione7885 Hermione7885 Feb 08, 2015
So this hasn't been updated for 2 years.... Are you planning to continue it...?
sanyasurani sanyasurani Jan 12, 2015
Well since the twins weren't really in it that much I guess you could
CrazieAlly CrazieAlly Aug 13, 2014
Ummm so we skipped all of the half blood prince?? To the deathly hallows?
ShanLoveCookiez ShanLoveCookiez Oct 06, 2013
I swear to god, if Fred dies, I will find you and kill everything you know and love -_-