Extra Airbender (Bolin Love Story) [Avatar: TLAB-Lok WA 2017]

Extra Airbender (Bolin Love Story) [Avatar: TLAB-Lok WA 2017]

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Nini is the daughter Tenzin, the son of the last Avatar and she is one of the two only Airbending Masters. 

When Avatar Korra comes to finish her training in Republic City, her life is changed. She becomes more fun, lovable and mostly more of a rebel. 

She meets the nice young man and his older brother, and she falls hard. Will she and Bolin get together or will Amon rip them apart?


"Nini?" Bolin says getting my attention. I turn to him and he looks down at his hands. "I asked you not to come down but you did and you got hurt."

"I know Bolin, but if I didn't, it could have gotten a lot worst," I replied. He smiles sadly, "We could of lost the Avatar, I would of lost my father, I could of lost you."

He looks at me with surprise, I smile at him softly. I turn away staring out the window, Bolin shifts next to me.

"Also Nini," his voice catches my attention, causing me to turn to him, to my surprise warm lips cover my own. I stare, shocked at Bolin's sudden confidence, before I close my eyes and kiss back.

He leans back and turns to the windows blushing, I do the same. I look at Lin who was standing there the whole time. The heat that was creeping up my cheeks worsens to a violent, almost tomato-like shade of red.

"Your secrets safe with me," she says, smirking, then walks away. I get up and turn to Bolin, smiling.

"I need to go and talk to my Dad," I state. He nods and smiles at me. I kiss him quickly on the cheek before running towards my Dad.


I am not the creator of any of the Avatar world. I only own Nini and Lena. 

Book 1: Water

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All_About_Stiles14 All_About_Stiles14 Apr 16, 2017
I realized I already read this series because I remember freaking out cuz Loki's in the story lol
kissxmyxsass kissxmyxsass Jul 27, 2017
I got really sad for a moment cause she calls Katara, Gran Gran
Loki: I am Loki of Asgard, God of Mischief. BOW DOWN TO ME MORTALLLL!!!!!
                              Me: *throws shoe at Loki* F*CK OFF!!!!