Wedgie story

Wedgie story

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ZeEbellA By ZeEbellA Updated Apr 03, 2016

I wake up in a dark room, my clothes have been stripped off me, and my underwear is hanging from a hook.
I'm in a wedgie and my arms are tied behind my back.
I wiggle but only make the fabric dig deeper inside my buttcrack !!!

Suddenly a light shines through the dark room, a man appears in the door way. A familiar face.
My ex boyfriend, of course. 
"Trever..." I growl.
"Hello, Amanda. Nice wedgie you got there." He smirks. I blush and glance at my butt.
He steps closer and places his hand on the front band off my thong. He smirks.

"WAIT! No NO NO! Please NO!" I yell before my thong is yanked up the front of my pussy. I yell in pain. "MY BUTT!" 
He laughs, and starts to bounce me. The string off the thong stuffing deeper in me every time I come back down.

"Uughhhh..." I moan, "p-please... My butt can't take much more of this."

"You're going to wish you hadn't dumped me." He growls. Then, he takes me off the hook, relieving my ass for a few seconds. Until he lays me on the on the flo...

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