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Please Don't Take My Sunshine Away [Solangelo]

Please Don't Take My Sunshine Away [Solangelo]

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Alexa By hcllasad Completed

Nico di Angelo- The child of Hades. He was a depressed ball of rage wherever he went. He preferred spending his time in his cabin, alone. He would often forget to take care of himself such as go outside to eat. Nobody would ever like him. Or so he thought...

Will Solace- The child of Apollo. Basically a dream. He lifted everyone's spirit as soon as he walked through the door. He literally glowed when he was happy, which was most of the time. He was the best healer out of the whole camp. Come on, who wouldn't have the hots for a smart, hot, teen doctor? So out of all the people he could've found interesting, why Nico?

That's what the child of Hades is trying to figure out while he's oblivious to the complete obvious. Might Will actually have a chance to break down Nico's walls and find the key to his heart?

Me: *finishes reading*
                              Me: *lets of iPad and starts screaming and squealing like a maniac*
                              I'm a fangirl don't judge
Who else now has the song "Kiss The Girl" from the Little Mermaid stuck in their heads 😂🙋
Everyone there be like
                              SHIP SHIP 🚢 ⛵️🛶🛳🛳🛥⛴🚢⚓️🚢🚢⚓️⚓️
IM NOT THROWIN AWAY MY SHOT. YO IM- *gets hit with brick* ok I'll stop
Dam was a inside joke. Only one of them is still here. Percy stays in camp, Grover is rarely here because he's finding new halfbloods. Zoë is dead (TRIGGERED) and Thalia is working with the Huntresses
When_I_Fall When_I_Fall Jun 24
He ain't doing anything right now, but he could be if ya know what I'm saying 😉😉 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)