I'm CRAZY For You (Re-writing)

I'm CRAZY For You (Re-writing)

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Dark Joker By lilli456 Updated Dec 03

Dallas Gordon, niece of Jim Gordon, parents deceased at 6, and now 18 years old and lives with Jim in Gotham City.

At the age of 8, Dallas met a boy that had the color of fire for hair. His dark hazel eyes stared into her blue ones, mesmerizing them.   

10 years later, those same hazel eyes met hers once again.

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I am terrified of clowns. Always have been.. For some reason, the only clown I do like is the Joker... me and Jerome are so alike though... except from the dead mother and ginger hair thing...
*sees a clown* hahahahaha no * starts running for dear life while crying *
For some reason, I hate clowns. Don't know why but can't stand them but Joker is one I can live with. Hahahahahaha!
roytheboi roytheboi Oct 10
"want penis enlargement pills?"
                                       -some random sewer clown
insanelycutemaya insanelycutemaya May 09, 2016
The only clown I like is Joker, any other clown and I run screaming
adoredangel adoredangel Aug 19, 2016
The reason why I like bad guy/villains/psychopaths, they're obsessive *winks*