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❝Not all heroes wear capes and masks. Sometimes they wear band t-shirts and sing Ed Sheeran covers.❞


Hero Syndrome
noun, plural
[heer-oh] [sin-drohm] 

1. Saving the girl with the broken smile. 
2. Saving the boy who doesn't cry. 
3. Learning to begin again.

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×Deals with mental illness, suicide, self harm, and grief×

- - Aug 26, 2016
And I'll raise you
                              Like a Phoenix!
                              Heeeya Youngblood 
                              Doesn't it feel
                              Like your time is running out
taintedrein taintedrein Jul 15, 2016
You got the heart of a Phoenix so let them hear you riiiiiiise
- - Feb 16
You are a wonderful human being❤❤❤ Thank you SOOOO MUUUCH for everything you've done!!!!
accio-pizza accio-pizza Nov 14, 2016
Everyone else is singing and im just like Fawkes? Is that you?
aystha_tic aystha_tic Aug 28, 2016
There's another book on Wattpad with the exact same picture on the cover, and I am so confused
clairbenjamin clairbenjamin May 14, 2016
I love the cover blurb plus cast
                              Its gonna be damn great book to read