The Dreaming: Dark Star (Book 5)

The Dreaming: Dark Star (Book 5)

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Shalon Sims By shalonsims Updated Jul 24

~ The Dreaming: Dark Star ~  By choice or destiny, Imorah and Liran are pulled into a secret rebellion that has lasted over 200 years, fighting the Guardian, a technologically superior alien, and the ruthless group of human-alien hybrids who protect her, The Guardian's Praetoria. 

The year is 2261. 

Imorah has lived her entire life in an underground shelter on the edge of the Great Bear Desert. Tomorrow is her sixteenth birthday, and the day she'll start her training to become a dreamwalker of the Praetoria. But this morning she found a note -- a note telling her to escape before it's too late. 

Meanwhile above ground, in the desert wasteland left over after WW3, Liran has lived a life in hiding, narrowly escaping his family's links with the rebellion. Then one day the rebellion catches up with him. 

When Imorah and Liran meet, their lives will be changed forever. To succeed in stopping the Praetoria, they will need to enter The Dreaming, a place where time is meaningless and all things are connected. 

The Dreaming: Dark Star will be updated regularly from December 2015 to April 2016. 

All rights reserved. Copyright by Shalon Sims, 2015.

DawnAdrie DawnAdrie Feb 10, 2016
Great intro. I especially like the sentence, "You, dear reader, are part of my dreaming" and the word "seeker."  I disagree with the last part, though - I think you DO have some of the answers ;)
Michael1969 Michael1969 Jun 07, 2016
Hey thanks for the shout-out, was gonna comment today, to ya,  "I'm catching up",  lol
Project_Fantasy Project_Fantasy May 23, 2016
What an intro! And at last I have made it to the Dark Star :)
AnnWrites AnnWrites Dec 05, 2015
me too, I follow back my dedicated readers. I like to know which book they're reading and how dare they like it if it's not mine??!!!
AnnWrites AnnWrites Dec 05, 2015
they have some interesting history, Liran and Imorah. Both alien half-bloods with a mission to fulfill.
linahanson linahanson Nov 27, 2015
Beautifully written!! Love the bio as well. And now I understand why you had to have a goat in there. XD