Yes, My Queen (Girl x Girl)

Yes, My Queen (Girl x Girl)

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Katherine K. By RainbowZkats Updated Dec 25, 2017

Kathryn, a girl orphaned at 6 after watching her parents be slaughtered by monsters, finally finds herself in a job as a maid for the Queen of the kingdom of Symphonia after being passed around by people for most of her life.
She is shy, reserved, and scared of social interaction, that is until one day she comes face to face with the mysterious queen she works for.
Kathryn soon falls deeply in love with the royal highness, and as sparks fly, an underground war rages beneath their feet, and chaos is soon to come.
Secrets are revealed, dark secrets that nobody ever wanted to know, and Kathryn learns more about herself and her queen than she ever dreamed she would. 
It all starts with a simple, "Yes, my Queen."

Updated every Sunday.

Disclaimer: There will be lesbian and Futanari action. If you are uncomfortable with that, then do not read.

  • demon
  • drama
  • futanari
  • girlxgirl
  • lesbian
  • lgbt
  • medieval
  • romance
strix04 strix04 May 13, 2017
I feel she's gonna meet the queen awkwardly in that said bathroom
TheShipOfCamren TheShipOfCamren Sep 04, 2017
Basically the janitress 😂😂😂 I feel like that's being demoted but whatevs
Katwithak27 Katwithak27 Jun 15, 2017
Yes! I have a bit of OCD, so I organize little things like my bingo chips into a rainbow. Also, if anything has a letter 9r a n
strix04 strix04 May 13, 2017
Don't worry, evelyn knew this was gonna happen. She smirked that time she told Kathryn to clean the queen's washroom. Probably it's her plan all along.
AkinomaHNU AkinomaHNU Jul 19, 2017
Lead is the heaviest metal/element there is plus it's poisonous to the human body. You can't compare it to aluminum and say "lead is light" or use it positively (at least not in this case).
magic_is_really_real magic_is_really_real Dec 27, 2016
From this picture with forte and Margaret I realised that I have This game, it's great