Mutation (Sequel To Experiment)

Mutation (Sequel To Experiment)

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Anna Winter By _pure_imagination_ Updated Mar 01


Trista is Laura and Neo's child, and she is very special. Despite her parents being "cured" of the animal DNA that melded with theirs, Trista is changing beyond even her parent's previous transformation. Meanwhile, a bloodthirsty army is rising up in secret. Only one thing is certain. The fight is not over.

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lord_ne lord_ne Jun 03
When you know the author has a slightly bigger phone then you because one of those asterisks appeared on the next line.
Nice beginning. I like how you portrayed the confusion Trista must be feeling.
HOLD ON JUST A SECOND- WHY did I not know there was a sequel to Experiment?? This is so exciting! :D
sophiesilver2016 sophiesilver2016 Aug 01, 2016
I LOVED EXPERIMENT!  I can't believe your creating a sequel!!!!!
SunsetWillows SunsetWillows Mar 02, 2016
This is brilliant! I LOVED the story experiment, and I am so happy you're writing a sequel! :D
MandaPanda_33 MandaPanda_33 Feb 24, 2016
Thank you so much for the dedication! It means a lot. Great chapter. (: