Teacher-student || vkook

Teacher-student || vkook

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In which a Teacher and a student are in relationship. Taehyung being the teacher and Jungkook the student.

|| It's worth it ||
BoyXBoy ff; read at your own risk.
If there's a similar storyline, it's a coincidence.


Started: 01/04/2016
Finished: 12/04 /2016

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I suck at math
                              The other day, idk if I'm just stupid or if I didn't think about the question, but my friend said "what's 2+2?" I said ....
kooko_au kooko_au Jun 09
I came here cuz I got a notifications saying you updated this chapter .....I’m confused 😂
LAlisa788 LAlisa788 May 29
Hmph!! My math teacher is a 54 year old unfriendly panda....😒
jeondaddy- jeondaddy- Jun 09
i just asked my madre what that meant and then told her that there was the definition after she told me and she hit me so hard😭
taegvboys taegvboys Apr 22
whats 6th grade ?? like im not in the europe countries(idek what am i saying) LIKE U KNOW WE SAY PRIMARY OR SECONDARY
Im just praying Tae tops
                              That is all im looking for in a TaeKook f/f xad