High School Crush (Garroth X Reader)

High School Crush (Garroth X Reader)

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Your POV 

I woke up because of my alarm MY BROTHER DANTE "Y/N WAKE UP OR WE'RE GONNA BE LATE" I moaned then I got up put on a f/c shirt, blue jeans, and black shoes (choose witch shoes u wear) then I combed my hair and put up (like a pony tail etc) then I walked down stairs and mom was making breakfast while dad got ready for his new work that's why we moved Dante said he meat a guy named garroth I think taking him to school "y/n do u want to ride with me and garroth" I gave him a 'are u kidding me' look and I rolled my eyes and pointed to my skate board and he nodded when we where done eating I grabbed my school stuff and my skate board (sorry for the girls who don't like skating I'm gonna ask my parents if I can get one for my 13 birthday) and road it to school we didn't live far I listened to a song while I went to school when I got there I saw Dante and wasn't looking where I was going and ran into someone 

Dante POV 

I saw y/n on her skate board and looking at me smiling and sh...

I sleep past midnight everyday! My parents aren't suspicious at all for when I wake up in the morning, do they not know? XD
SKYJON582 SKYJON582 Jul 19
Dude I have dirt bike and a shotgun and im an 11 year old girl
Omg same I'm gunn ask for one when I'm 13 too, ah....2 more years...then I won't be a kid anymore ;-;
amytdg amytdg Jul 15
Bra I acknowledge like a boy and I'm a girl I freaking play video games and wach YouTube as much as I can
Bish, if you friggin keep this up you will go to the hospital and stay there for about a year! (That actually happened and I got grounded and went to detention XD! )
Miraculous! Simply the best! Up to the test when things go wrong! Misd lady bug!!!! (MIRACULOUS LADY BUG!!!!)