The Hero [One Punch Man]

The Hero [One Punch Man]

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Lyishence By Lyishence Completed

(Saitama x Reader)

-Anime FanFiction-

I hug him from behind and bury my face into his back. I continue hearing the angry chants of the citizens around us, the two men that call themselves heroes Tank-top Tiger and Tank-top Black Hole yelling with them. My hands grip the front of his yellow suit. 
"Don't listen to them Saitama, don't give up on being a hero. Becau... Because your my hero!" I yell in embarrassment as I feel my cheeks warm up. I feel him gasp and he places his gloved hands on top of mine.
"Thank you, (reader)" he says as he gently release my hands from his suit and turns around giving me a sweet smile, I blush even more but I smile back. He turns around as the two brothers come towards Saitama to fight him.

(Hey guys if a 2nd Season of One Punch Man comes out I will continue the series. I love you guys for all the comments, reads and votes).

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are the pure work of the author. Pictures and videos presented in this story, is located from Pinterest or Google Images and Youtube. 

-Please remember the following book belongs to Lyishence and is her interpretation of the story-

kaddywatty kaddywatty Apr 05
Oh... Wait.... Yeah.... We DON'T kill the demon spawn.... Right.... Oops.... *hides behind Saitama and mumbles* IknewIshouldhavebroughtsomesalt... Dangit.....
Lpxquaker Lpxquaker Apr 28
Nuuuu nuuuuu nuuuuuu crap this is going to be a romance fanfic right?!? I'm not prepared ;-;
But you got two extra balls on your face......😂 I'm sorry i had to
Jaestel Jaestel May 03
Yea nice going reader~chan. I am spectating in a way! :D well aren't I cheap?
DTDerpy DTDerpy Nov 15
It's no one else going to comment on this? All right then, I will.
                              My dirty mind...
I miss the days when he had hair.... I WISH HE'D GET HIS HAIR BACK!