The Gulf

The Gulf

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Amy By Amy991517 Updated Sep 01, 2016

Among a small pod of merpeople in the Gulf of Mexico is a young mermaid named Adonia.  Having just turned 18, Adonia will soon be ready to join her sisters in the choosing of a mate, a ritual that occurs once every five years.  Like all mermaids she has lived a simple life, forbidden from making contact with the surface world.

Jason Stryker is an Olympic swimmer with 9 gold medals to show for his efforts.  At 26 years old, he finds himself seeking a way to start a new chapter in his life.  Owning beachfront property and dating models should be enough to make him happy, but he finds himself seeking something more.

That is until one summer night , when Jason spots the beautiful Adonia watching him from the sparkling waves of the Gulf.


The woman stopped and looked towards him over her shoulder. She was by no means calm, but her demeanor appeared to lighten up ever so slightly. The faint outline of a smile began to form on her bright pink lips.

Then Jason saw it. Emerging from the water to the right of the woman's shoulder was what appeared to be a fish tail. However, it wasn't like any fish tail he'd ever seen. It was large enough to be a dolphin's tail, but it sparkled and had a light blue color, the same color as the woman's eyes. Following it through the water, suddenly Jason realized that it appeared to be attached to the woman's waist.

No it can't be he thought to himself. He resolved he had to be dreaming, or maybe hallucinating. For the next minute or so he blinked and squinted, believing that if he just refocused his eyes he'd come back to reality, but as he opened them again, he only saw more clearly what he knew he'd seen before.

Is she?......Is she a mermaid?

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jbaby_wuz_here jbaby_wuz_here Mar 14, 2017
I love how you reference this to the story in the bible of Noah's ark
thewordseamstress thewordseamstress Mar 08, 2016
Nice concept. I like the story behind the rule. It's well thought out. I feel that a couple of dialogs will spice up the chapter. I like that it's a about mermaids. Nice choice.
Spruce_Goose Spruce_Goose Apr 17, 2016
I love the concept you've got. You've really thought about the history behind the story and explained it very well. Personally, I would have loved to see some dialogue, but this is a great prologue nonetheless.
cHaOsOfWar cHaOsOfWar Feb 04, 2016
Yes, It caught my eye. I plead guilty. But hey, I'm going to turn the page. Don't judge me yet... :)
newgirl244 newgirl244 Feb 04, 2017
                              I love that you had a prologue since it really helps readers like me understand the whole story more! It was really great and I can't wait to read more!
Dancingthedream Dancingthedream Mar 07, 2016
Love love love! The way you mixed myth with actual history, explaining our current world with this history that doesn't exist to us. The world is very well thought out. Can't wait to get into the story!