Twin of the Cherry Blossom (Naruto Fanfiction)

Twin of the Cherry Blossom (Naruto Fanfiction)

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Tsuki Haruno is the older twin sister of Sakura Haruno. Tsuki isn't like her sister who spends her time chasing a boy who has no interest in her, instead Tsuki spends her time reading, studying, and training. 

Tsuki was a normal child with a normal family, but this family stopped caring for her and started to neglect her. Tsuki became avoidant to any affection and lost interest of love, she isolated herself and became antisocial. But things got worse when Sakura started to bully her and spread rumors so the kids would bully her as well.

After a while Tsuki stops believing in her family and loses herself in the solitary of her room and becomes numb to the harsh reality. 

But her life changes when she meets a knuckleheaded ninja, an egotistical jerk, and a perverted silver haired jounin and she begins to change into someone stronger and sacrifices her well being for her friends.

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I love how she is all chill about kaka-baka reading porn in front of children
Lacrima-Luciel Lacrima-Luciel Dec 22, 2017
She is just JEALOUS of you being better than her... Sakura is a bitch in almost every FanFictions that is about the same as this book.
CandythePotatodatz CandythePotatodatz Dec 10, 2017
Well hate to break it to you sister but he is a bit weird!
                              But hot in the major
CandythePotatodatz CandythePotatodatz Dec 10, 2017
Well just as they say.....
                              SMOKE WEED EVERYDAY!
                              ITS THE LEAF VILLAGE IF Y'ALL KNOW WHAT I MEAN
CandythePotatodatz CandythePotatodatz Dec 10, 2017
I feel ya... 
                              My mom is like this to me because I'm the eldest and the one who's expected to be perfect
MagicPencil0211 MagicPencil0211 Dec 16, 2017
So,  Sakura's name means "Field of cherry blossoms"
                              Does that mean Tsuki is a "Field of moons?"