another one. || ziam mpreg

another one. || ziam mpreg

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hoodieziam By hoodieziam Updated Oct 22, 2016

"there's how many of you?"

"well, there's baba and papa and then you got my big brother jamal, then you gots amir, aanya, and me, papa says we all came outta baba together, he says were tripflips." 

"oh, do you mean-"

"then you gots leah, she likes to not wear clothes even though baba tells her she haves to. baba said that there's one in his belly, but i forgots his name. we also has a cat and a bird, we call the cat pillow cause we always think he's a pillow cause he doesn't move and the bird's name is echo cause he's always resaying what we say." 

or the one where zayn's popping out babies left and right and liam doesn't seem to mind. 

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Meganwhitemore Meganwhitemore Oct 26, 2016
lilacthorns lilacthorns Nov 23, 2015
Can't wait to read this. The description was so funny and adorable