Can't Resist- A Lucaya Fanfiction

Can't Resist- A Lucaya Fanfiction

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V I C T O R I A By lucaya_hearts Completed

: to fight against (something) : to try to stop or prevent (something)

   One summer a boy, Lucas Friar, moved into an apartment in the city. He came from a small town in Texas. He met a girl. Maya Hart. She was perfect in his eyes. They became closer in the little time they had before school officially started. Mistakes can change your life, for good or bad reasons. There will be bumps in the road along the way. But Lucas and Maya just can't resist each other's love that they have to offer.


•Some Sexual Content
•Little Cursing

•Cute Lucaya Moments

Smiles46 Smiles46 Nov 24
I thought that said horse and I was just like "kinky" 😉😉😏😏😂😂
aniroma aniroma Jun 10
Bruh, this would never happen to me. My parents would be like, "Talk on the couch."
If thr was only one seat left then wouldn't tge people sell one ticket and then the tickets would be sold out
xoxo_camo_ xoxo_camo_ Jun 25
I thought he was gonna say a blue shirt I see he is changing up colors for once
The warnings usually amuse me like most of time I read for smut lmao and as of curse can't be anything worse then I see, say, or hear
I think im going to need to see a visual😍😍😏😏😘