Loving The CEO (18+)

Loving The CEO (18+)

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Author Nene By authornene Updated Apr 03, 2017

Previously titled Fifty Shades of Black or White

"Is there a reason why you're staring at me?"

Yes, I like what I see"

Blushing I waved off his remark and asked "what can I do for you today?

"Well I'm asking if you could go on a date with me? He asks bluntly

"M-me go on a date with you?" I asked surprised

"Yes, why do you sound so surprised"

"Well for one, we don't know each other, we just met yesterday and I don't know what you're like"

"Well, my name is Adam and I'm the CEO of Jacob's enterprise"

 "Well nice to meet you Adam and is that supposed to impress me?"

"That wasn't the response I was expecting I was expecting you tell me your name"

By now three persons were waiting to be cashed and were complaining asking Adam to leave so they can get service but he didn't even turn around to acknowledge their remarks.

"Adam, you're holding up the line could you leave and come back"

"Do I look stupid?" he asked while chuckling, "you expect me to leave so you could give me the round around. Your customers are waiting so I would you to say yes so we can both get on with our lives."

Emily a cashier at a small book store in New York meets Adam, CEO of Jacob Enterprise a billionaire. He is seen as ruthless, arrogant and words that are not fit for the human ear to his employees because of the way he acts towards them. But in reality he is a sweet and loving soul who goes for what he wants, and he wants Emily. Emily and Adam got off to a rocky start but they end up in a relationship that is blissful and loving, but what they don't know is that external forces are planning to break them up and tragedy happens in the end that leaves Emily shaken to the core.

Copyright ©2015, Nene
Cover by: sweetmarshmallow11

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4soul2u 4soul2u Jan 01, 2017
Such an original caveat- loved the brashness/attitude  of Adam-and challenge presented to Emily -money or the love?? ^^
rose_xx_rose rose_xx_rose Jul 14, 2016
Thank God she ain't no gold digger 😂 I can't stand more of them
booklover1714 booklover1714 Feb 25, 2017
Bro bro she said that and all I could think of was Another Cinderella Story with Selena Gomez and that part at the ball when Tammy was like is that supposed to impress me 👏👏😂😂
vivienna vivienna Feb 06, 2016
wow that prologue was good. especially the last sentence on the girl's profile xD whats her true personality? 0.0
Olga_GOA Olga_GOA Jan 15, 2016
I like prologue. Can't wait to read. Poor Emily, I hate when ppl bullying another if they look not like them or say not like them.
                              Hope Adam could help her to forget it ;)
black_white2001 black_white2001 Jan 11, 2016
High school is hard without adding bullies who are rich in the mix.