Not falling for you (book 2)

Not falling for you (book 2)

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Moonmystery By MoonMayhem Updated Jul 14

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Today was your average normal day... Except it wasn't.... Today guess who popped up at my school.... a Ace
The last person on earth today that I wanted to see. But wait it gets better 

Then a random guy who turns out to be my moms ex shows up and threatens to kill all of us and our pack along with our mom and dad.... Perfect right 

Oh yea and on top of all that shit i find out that Ace the last person on earth I want to see so happens to be my mate..... What a wonderful cliche story right? 


All of a sudden the door once again swung open and there stood a guy with strawberry blond hair (who if I do say my self was quite attractive cx)

"I'm sorry to break your little family reunion and quarrels or whatever but sadly you are going somewhere... All of you!" He said with a strong accent while retracting his fangs? 

I squinted a little and saw he looked a bit familiar.

Next thing I know it's going down for real and I'm now in a full blown battle with this guy I grabbed his hand and broke it causing him to let skylar go.

"Nice try but that would probably work on someone other then.... Me" he said smirking 

He popped his hand back into place and without even touching me he flung me towards a wall.

I squeezed my eyes shut ready to feel my back hit the wall but I was caught in someone's arms.

"Are you ok princess?"  I looked up and saw my dad I gave him a nod then as soon as he set me down I charged straight for the invader 

'Damn it this really blow... Worse day ever'


I know what your thinking you're thinking that it's probably some kind of cliche story but read the first book then this one and see for your self (◔ᴗ◔)ᕦ◉▿◉ᕤ(◕‿-) 

(This is book 2 the first book is Rejected And Abused By My Best Friend)

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Haha if mothers did that
                              Mom: Well you say what
                              Me :initially knows *gulps* 
                              Bye see you for the last time😭😭😭😭
Dead_Potato_ Dead_Potato_ Nov 03, 2016
Also fifth not faith 
                              Sry for correcting you but I feel weird if I don't
SparksOfMortality SparksOfMortality Apr 01, 2016
I imagined her saying that with a light and care free tone XD this lady's the best CX
keya266 keya266 Dec 12, 2015
Love it just hope she don't give in to easy to Ace make him work for trying to kill her... multiple times