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Phantom  ❖  Salvatore [2]

Phantom ❖ Salvatore [2]

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vctoria.jde By vxidmccall_ Updated Mar 13


Elektra never thought that the loves from Stefan and Damon Salvatore's past would come to haunt her - but she couldn't have been more wrong.

They are joined by sinister new blood; Katherine and Beatrice unleash their personal brand of evil in a diabolical plot. And within twenty-four hours, Elektra and her friends are pulled into the world of deceitful doppelgängers filled with vengeance, blood, and darkness. But the Salvatore's old flames weren't the only ones they needed to worry about.

The Originals - world's oldest and most dangerous vampires - hunt for the Petrova doppelgänger and the alluring Phantom, which no one seems to know who it is,  in order to complete a crude sacrifice. Their only hope to stop the Originals is to make sure they never find the sacred Phantom. If they fail, all of Mystic Falls, Virginia would fall victim.

Elektra confides her trust in the most unlikely places; blames herself for putting her and Elena's relationship on the rocks; and feels betrayed when she is abandoned by the one she loves the most.

[season 2]
[book 2 of the stone cold series]

I instantly thought "vagina" instead of "vampire" omg I hate myself
RealOrFantasy RealOrFantasy Feb 02, 2016
Please update I loved your previous book and I'm as excited for this one!
Etoiles_des_cieux Etoiles_des_cieux Jul 22, 2016
I misread this so I thought it said he ran his hands through his hair extensions😂
pinkparisprincess16 pinkparisprincess16 Oct 01, 2016
Omg please don't make this a Damon Stefan and Elena. I hate Elena elektra Damon and Stefan all the way!!!!!!
kayk13 kayk13 Feb 07, 2016
So f*ucking true omg. Everything is always about Elena and it annoys me. She is complaining and annoying.
jenny6231 jenny6231 Dec 27, 2015
Wait, I have a question. So Elena kissed Damon on purpose and acted like Elektra? And Elektra kissed Stefan? I'm so conduzzled. Could you please explain this to me. And please update I love your book and keep up the great work. xxx