Bullied by Cameron Dallas

Bullied by Cameron Dallas

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~use superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone), typically to force him or her to do what one wants.


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I got slammed into a locker and got a bloody nose...the kid who did it went to the hospital
When this happens i mutter "Fudge off" (fudge since its school) i no joke give a kid a daily glare.
LaurenWuz LaurenWuz Jul 02
Hi blonde boy who has nothing better to do with his life so he decides to pick on a girl who completely did him no wrong!
mvxine mvxine Mar 23
You gather information on them and expose them on social media to the point of social disgrace. Duh.
Dolantwinsaudioz Dolantwinsaudioz 7 days ago
I thought it said Matt class because of Matthew Espinosa😂😂😂
LaurenWuz LaurenWuz Jul 02
This actually pisses me off don't kill yourself because a group of boys don't treat u with repeat ur leaving high school and after that you might never see them again don't give up ur damn self because someone or people keep being u down