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forgotten (seven deadly sins fanfic)

forgotten (seven deadly sins fanfic)

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ÐaNk mEMe$ By luvbear122979 Updated Jan 12

I sat alone in the dark room, only seeing darkness...I held the small piece of metal,hitting it against the chains that hold me.

"he never loved you" a voice said, 'Him' I looked down as the anger started to boil. "If it wasn't for him you wouldn't be here"the voice continued. 

"Shut up. Shut up. Shut up. SHUT UP. SHUT UP. SHUT UP!!!!!"I yelled as I stood up and looked around the dark room.... "Show yourself!"I yelled. A woman with silver armor stood in front me, bright red strings surrounded

"Hello dear, how about we make a deal, if you kill them you'll get out of this lost hell" she held out her hand, I looked down at her hand and smacked it. "I would never help a holy knight"I said with venomous tone 

"I heard you made a promise with him, I think he said 'I'll save you no matter what, I promise' but look, its been 10 years already and your still here"she twirled around me,.." even though he broke his promise I still won't kill them,"I punched the woman hard causing her to sp...

XxGoldenCatxX XxGoldenCatxX Jan 16, 2016
MORE I NEED MORE WORDS!!! I really like the story I just need to know what happens next or make and A/N plz ;-;
Mental-Kitten Mental-Kitten Dec 01, 2015
Miss_Amouron Miss_Amouron Nov 20, 2015
Aaaahhhh go on!!!
                              What will happened next? I really wanna know that ^-^