The CEO's Princess

The CEO's Princess

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CanadianBear418 By CanadianBear418 Updated Jun 12

Inspired by The Selection Series by Kiera Cass. ( It's an awesome series, I encourage you to read it! )

Jax Westen is ready to take over his family's company. His father, William Westen, is ready to give it up to him, but for his son's sake, he makes a deal. Jax must fall in love in order to get the company, and the person must love him back. 
William decides the best way to do this is to invite several women to stay at their mansion for 1 year. Jax will have a chance to fall for one of them and to get one of them to fall for him. 

Cornelia Marobella works in William's favorite cafe. Their relationship is incredibly strong, and William believes Cornelia will be a great person for his son to fall for. When William asks Cornelia to the ordeal, she feels obligated to say yes. When Cornelia shows up, Jax doesn't exactly favor her. 

Will Jax fall for someone? Will the whole thing do Cornelia any good? Will the CEO find his princess?

batmansme batmansme May 25
I though maxwell was a kid so I was really confused like he has a kid on a leash and it catches treats. Dog makes more sense
Wasn't there a children's series based off of someone with that name...? Cornelia Bodelia?
Now I'm imaging Scooby catching a Scooby snack. 😂😂😂
Anncovy Anncovy Jun 28
His different color eyes so awesome! I hope I got a husky like him😢