Risen From The Ashes (Discontinued)

Risen From The Ashes (Discontinued)

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Septiplier_Away13 By Septiplier_Away13 Completed

Jack is in a heavy metal band in high school, but nobody knows their band. When they do their first performance only one person showed up.

Little did they know that one person would be the start of their entire career.

Mark helps their band become famous, and a relationship blossoms between Mark and Jack. But what happens when fame takes a toll on Jack?

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StahaliVertigo StahaliVertigo Jun 15, 2017
Correction, Raised to the Ground is HEAVY metal. They are one of my fav bands, tho
NushinatoUzumaki NushinatoUzumaki Oct 28, 2017
ThatCrazyShiperMe ThatCrazyShiperMe Aug 16, 2017
LIKE A BOSSSSSS *throws arms in the air and pulls them down at my shoulders and gives air high-five*
septiplierisgood septiplierisgood Nov 07, 2017
@Marci_Bott fall out boy is inst really rock, it's like a heavy punk band. If you want rock you've got thousand foot Krutch, five finger death punch, Egypt central, hailstorm (I think is what it's called) but you know, what ever you consider rock and love it, that's fine in my books 👌🏽👍🏽
CharaDaWriter CharaDaWriter Jul 19, 2017
'Well WE might get an offer.' 
                              wELL OK THEN
Dead_Teddy_Bear Dead_Teddy_Bear Nov 03, 2017
My dumb af catholic school:
                              Uniforms on most days
                              Hair can only be dyed natural colors
                              No ingeresting piercings, just normal earlobe ones
                              No hats
                              No leggings
                              No jackets in class
                              VERY strict dress code
                              White socks
                              Sneakers or flats
                              ITS AWFUL