Risen From The Ashes (ON HOLD)

Risen From The Ashes (ON HOLD)

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Septiplier_Away13 By Septiplier_Away13 Updated Dec 04, 2016

Jack is in a heavy metal band in high school, but nobody knows their band. When they do their first performance only one person showed up.

Little did they know that one person would be the start of their entire career.

Mark helps their band become famous, and a relationship blossoms between Mark and Jack. But what happens when fame takes a toll on Jack?

septiplierawaaaaaay septiplierawaaaaaay Dec 29, 2016
I started reading and was immediately was like 'WHEN THE H-E- DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS DID JACK GET FOOKIN' TATTOOS?'
                              I read the part when Mark showed up and was like 'Ooh this is gonna get good' *grabs popcorn and soda* 'BRING ON THE FANFICTION SUCKAS, IM READY!'
Math_n_Meth Math_n_Meth Oct 22, 2016
Meanwhile public schools in my country
                              -no hair dying
                              -no tattoos (visible ones)
                              -no crazy piercings, just the plain one at the ear lobe
                              -no nail polish
                              -no makeup
                              -hair must be tied
                              -boys can't have long hair
vincentisnotonfire vincentisnotonfire Nov 27, 2016
I shall call them Gavin, Jerry, sek, caan, thay, Bob, tomato, potato salad, kale and lettuce
septiplierawaaaaaay septiplierawaaaaaay Dec 29, 2016
WHEN THE H*LL DID HE GET A LIP PIERCING WHY TE FOOK AM I NOT INFORED ABOUT THIS SHITE? Mark and jack are so cute together though it makes me cry.
                              I cry everytime......XD I love this story so far
Blythe78 Blythe78 Oct 11, 2016
I freaking relate I had a terrible school that didn't accomadate to my disorders and just pretended like I didn't have most of them (they pretended two didn't exist and for my dyscalculia only gave me a calculator)
reedblossoms reedblossoms Dec 18, 2016
no offence because you are all my beans but this is college. everyone is either too drunk to come or breaking down from workload