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Within Our Blue Neighbourhood [Troyler AU]

Within Our Blue Neighbourhood [Troyler AU]

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Ryan <3 By nutellaandranch Updated Jul 18, 2016

Troye and Clay had been best friends for as long as they can remember. They were connected at the hip since day one. And it sure helped that they attended the same school and lived right next door to each other.  Though, as Troye gets older he starts to realize that there is a connection between him and Clays big brother. 
Tyler had always felt something for Troye, but he convinced himself that it was just brotherly love. That was also Tyler's excuse for warding off anybody who even looked at Troye the wrong way. But as Troye got older, Tyler started to realize that Troye was no longer the little boy he was. Troye was a man. And Tyler began to see that his connection with Troye was anything but brotherly.

marygbright marygbright Jul 08, 2016
I re-read this to see how old Tyler was bc I forgot (stupid people problems), and my eyes widened so much when I saw he was fifteen. Like wtf, seeing Troye 9 and Tyler 15 is weird, but when Troye and Tyler are older it doesn't seem so important
Sappearing Sappearing Dec 17, 2016
Oh... Hes gonna need something alright *wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge*
nutellaandranch nutellaandranch Jul 10, 2016
I don't know! Probably because of his teasing relationship with the pineapple.
- - Dec 29, 2015
Wait if Tylers 25 than when troyes old enough to date Tyler he would be 43 AND TROYE WILL ONLY BE 18 t(*-*t)WAt
celestialsivan celestialsivan Nov 18, 2015
okay okay Ive gone back and read this now, and PLEASE UPDATE OML
celestialsivan celestialsivan Nov 18, 2015
oh my god, I didn't know my writing could effect someone like this. Thank you so much xxxxxxxxxxxxx