Because Of You.

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Kayla By JustKaylay Updated 5 years ago
Shay Cameron is nothing like her twin sister Sierra, their parents always like to point that out. It's a never ending story of "Shay, why can't you just be more like your sister?". Maybe it's because Shay's cynical and doesn't trust anybody and never has. Or maybe it's because Shay was forced into something that she wouldn't even wish on her worst enemy, something that can never be undone, or forgotten. Because of Mick, Sierra's boyfriend, Shay will never be the same person again.
I love your poem, I love how the words flow and fit together, like a puzzle piece, yet still giving you an insight of her pain.
Great story, Great Poem and I love the Full House reference!
Actually the poem was really good. Sad, but good. :) Keep up the good work
O.M.G my name is shaylyn but since birth everyone has called me shay...i love this! and not just cause my name is in it but because its beautifully written and the poem is great!
Amazing, I really like this :)
                                    Its like Super Junior's Andante, SNSD's Mistake and SHINee's Quasimodo
                                    Al those three songs in one, reminds me of this story ^ ^
@everlasting_hopeYa she writes amazing stories and then never updates them