Perseus Jackson-The Phantom World

Perseus Jackson-The Phantom World

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Paige By Book_The_Worm Updated Apr 18, 2016

The Phantom isn't like you or me.  He isn't mortal...not anymore.  And he can't be considered a mere demigod, either.  He is something...else.  Something greater...more powerful...something impossible.

The Phantom lives in a rift in the Universe.  He created it himself.  If you've seen him, chances are you've been an inch from death.  

He isn't a hero...not anymore.  He isn't a villain.  He

Not he is back to save them...even if he doesn't really want to.

Can you guess who he is?  I think the title rather gives it away...

Yes.  The Phantom's true name is Perseus Jackson.  He hasn't been called that in a very long time...

1Aidco-q1bobislyfe 1Aidco-q1bobislyfe Jun 14, 2016
Wink wink 
                              OK sorry I am kidding but this is good already
frostyemeraldgirl frostyemeraldgirl Jul 06, 2016
Hehe a rabbit hole that is ..... so Percy since u live in a whole have you seen the white rabbit
LennyBoysRDank LennyBoysRDank May 24, 2016
That would be funny if you put in the cast thing at the end of some book parts "The Phantom as Percy Jackson
Sunnydg Sunnydg Sep 20, 2016
I'm just read this in a different voice in my head then the voice I read in the beginning. Anyone else do that?
brownone279 brownone279 Sep 23, 2016
I'm thinking of a tear not like crying tear like a tear of paper but it's different like...... I can't describe it but it's in Bioshock Infinite
Romani_Raven Romani_Raven Oct 31, 2016
XD!! Not a nasty, dirty, wet hole, filled with the ends of worms and an oozy smell, nor yet a dry, bare sandy hole with nothing in it to sit down on or to eat: it was a Percy-hole, and that means comfort.