Hetalia Lemons

Hetalia Lemons

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RoChu is Life By Rochu_forever28 Updated Jan 30

Hello this is a hetalia lemons book also coming shortly is a Black butler lemons book so anyway hope you enjoy

Thanks for reading

(This will have strong langue and sexual scene discriptions restricted for all fangirls/fanboys)

Russia x England 
                              DONT JUDGE I JUST GOT INTO THIS SHIP RECENTLY
kyler4437 kyler4437 Oct 02, 2016
ROCHU PLEASE!!!! I'm sorry if I sound pushy, it's just I love Rochu and its my otp..
Rochu_forever28 Rochu_forever28 Jul 04, 2016
Just so you guys know I've already edited out the part about the rape so you can just stop please its hurting my feelings and it made me thought about deleting my book so yeah please stop
starwika starwika Dec 31, 2016
Spain I hate to tell you this but what about the world meeting tomorrow?
-APH_France -APH_France Aug 25, 2016
Auto correct. It is spamano and his name is Romano, not romono
TheEarthWithin TheEarthWithin Dec 26, 2015
Usuk, PruCan, DenNor, SpaMano, Gerita , RoChu,... And plz make one where France is going to rape England than America walks in and "kills" France then have a Fluffy moment with England.. Then things get 'ohonohonohonohonohon~'