"My Only Light" Severus Snape Love Story

"My Only Light" Severus Snape Love Story

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Elizabeth Katherine By BrokenBeatenBruised Completed

Mercy is 17 years old and goes to Hogwarts. She carries a secret with her as she returns to Hogwarts for her 7th year. The last time she was at Hogwarts it was her first year and not her best. She caused a lot of trouble. Will she cause so much trouble when she returns? Will everyone find
 out who she really is? Love interest? Some secrets are meant to be kept and others are meant to be shared. 

*Rated R story 18+* 

*This won't go exactly by the Harry Potter Books & Movies, what I am writing I haven't seen it on any other stories, you'll enjoy it; I hope.* 

*I don't own all the characters or plot but some plot lines are my own and characters.*

Please enjoy

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Kitty_Cacy Kitty_Cacy Sep 14, 2017
I actually have a friend who's name is Anna! And then, I know another one that is actually my auntie!
Reversevera Reversevera May 03, 2017
Thank you so much for not putting Mercy in Slytherin or Griffindor!!!!!!!!!!!!!
KawaiiYandereSenpai KawaiiYandereSenpai Dec 08, 2017
I'm.  Not in Raven claw but it's my third favourite one so in gooddff
Senpai_Potter Senpai_Potter Jul 13, 2016
Is she Voldemorts daughter? That would make sense. You're one of my favorite authors in Wattpad, so I know this will be a great story!
Elizabeth0519 Elizabeth0519 Jun 06, 2016
I'm done reading the whole story a few days ago, I must say THIS STORY IS THE BEST LOVE STORY  VERSION OF SEVERUS SNAPE☺☺. I love love the plot twist and the story
EmilySnapexx EmilySnapexx Jul 06, 2016
Damn straight but it wasn't Snape that gave 5 points to Harry and Ron it was Mcgonagall xx