Love will find a way

Love will find a way

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Hmm, that's secret for now By Vampire_Freak987 Updated Apr 17, 2011

Ellie doesn't believe in love, she also doesn't believe that man can ever love anything besides himself. 

 Then she meets Adam and he teaches her how men are not always what they seem.

 Untill the tragedy of a life time happens, and their hearts are crushed.

SydClair SydClair Dec 09, 2010
I love it! You've really got me wondering about Adam and how he "convinces" her that men can care about more than just themselves... I want to read more!! Sadly.. there isn't any yet :/ But hopefully sooon? :D
PamMosier PamMosier Dec 08, 2010
What an excellent description of longing and remembering! I love how you described her feelings!
PamMosier PamMosier Dec 08, 2010
I love to hear stories told of years past by people who lived it! I love the start to your story!
Kaleda Kaleda Nov 16, 2010
i have a poster in my room of the same picture as the cover :)