Steel: The Transformation [UPDATED EVERY SUNDAY]

Steel: The Transformation [UPDATED EVERY SUNDAY]

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Sanna By DrizzleKid Updated Aug 23, 2017

Supernatural creatures, love and betrayal - a year ago Cleo didn't think she would ever experience any of them.

Growing up in the foster system, never settling into one place for very long, things like love and friendship seemed unachievable to Cleo. But for the last year her life has been different: she discovers that her biological parents left her a house and she found friends and a boyfriend who adores her. Life is perfect. She just wishes she knew more about who her parents were.

Everything changes when two strangers who know more than they should about her move in next door. Her world comes crashing down when she realizes that not only were her parents supernatural, but that she shares that legacy. As she struggles to deal with her own transformation and the effect it has on her new life, a new threat comes out of the shadows. Certain people make it their life's mission to terminate the supernatural, leaving Cleo in danger.

If the key to survival is trust, how can a girl with trust issues learn to trust the strangers next door?


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Sanna Engelthorn

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fantazy503 fantazy503 Apr 07, 2016
I love it already! 😍 I have a good feeling about this book. xx
livylovesreading87 livylovesreading87 Apr 16, 2016
I think here you need to use more description and make your reader fully feel like this is happening to them
Aeroscissors Aeroscissors Mar 30, 2016
This is really intriguing. The lack of reaction just makes it so mysterious. It gives away nothing about the person whose pov it is. Good job!!
leeannwhaleyrox leeannwhaleyrox Feb 25, 2016
This is really good but where is the emotion upon seeing her comrade dead?
Batiegirl11 Batiegirl11 May 25, 2016
This is good like  mysterious scenes you did a great job and yes I agree it needs a little bit more detail of emotions
thecurlydancer thecurlydancer Feb 13, 2016
I'm kinda confused but I loved how descriptive you were so I'm very drawn in to find out where that's gonna be in the book I'm guessing the half  lizard thing is what is going to try to eliminate her so  yeah I'm gonna keep reading