When Roses Bloom Again

When Roses Bloom Again

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Dear Ms. Hermione Granger, 

My name is Rosalind but my daddy calls me Ro.  I like it better, don’t you? 
I hopes you become the minister.  Your my favorite because you smile pretty and kind.  My daddy says you will be a good one because your strong and smart. I know hes right. I hope I get to be meet you one day so I can learn to be as smart and strong.


In a race for the History books, Hermione Granger runs for Minister, her mind only focused on her tasks ahead, as such. 

Yet the sweetest letters begin arrive, from a little girl whose Daddy calls her Ro and tells Ro stories of her, Hermione Granger of all people.  These stories compel Ro to ask Minister Granger for one wish, a wish that changes the course of Hermione Granger's life.

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asaliba10 asaliba10 6 days ago
Omg this is so sweet but why did u make Ro die?! She was so cute, or what we saw of her…
I'm actually crying! Not kidding! I hope you will find your way to heaven, Rosalinda Narcissa Malfoy. Rest in peace
Knuffi442 Knuffi442 Aug 08
Don't be scared honey. Hermione will soon visit you and be your mommy. 😊😊
xxshilpsxx xxshilpsxx Aug 25
Let's just say, that she MIGHT be YOUR Ro, Hermione. Oh! Sorry Minister Granger!😛