When Roses Bloom Again

When Roses Bloom Again

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Dear Ms. Hermione Granger, 

My name is Rosalind but my daddy calls me Ro.  I like it better, don’t you? 
I hopes you become the minister.  Your my favorite because you smile pretty and kind.  My daddy says you will be a good one because your strong and smart. I know hes right. I hope I get to be meet you one day so I can learn to be as smart and strong.


In a race for the History books, Hermione Granger runs for Minister, her mind only focused on her tasks ahead, as such. 

Yet the sweetest letters begin arrive, from a little girl whose Daddy calls her Ro and tells Ro stories of her, Hermione Granger of all people.  These stories compel Ro to ask Minister Granger for one wish, a wish that changes the course of Hermione Granger's life.

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Dammit. I wish Ro's mom is inexistent now... Hermione better be her new one
Hahaha in the cursed child Hermione's daughter is named Rose!❤ I'm fangirling so hard rn!!!
kRaZy_kUpkAkES_kAtY kRaZy_kUpkAkES_kAtY Nov 28, 2017
What he should of said was..."Night Malfoy" that is one thing Dramione shippers should think
Does Ro remind you of Rue from the Hunger Games?
                              Comment #District11forever if you think Rue didn’t deserve to die
Andddddddd *cough*
                              ALL ABOARD THE S.S DRAMIONE
                              Captn: German M.O.M.
you know it's getting to the point where almost everyone ships it except Draco and Hermione