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Dominant *Jason McCan Love Story

Dominant *Jason McCan Love Story

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findthegoonies By findthegoonies Updated Oct 30, 2016

Jason isn't what you would call the nicest guy.Kills people for a living and is impossible to trace.So when he kidnaps Sweet sweet Innocent Scarlet what could be expected.Definitely not what is about to happen.Yeah he may call her names and beat her,Yes he does rape and hurt her...but in a weird way....that's his way of love.

miss545 miss545 Jun 07, 2016
No one deserves any of this and you are NOT his property you are a human being.
anatomyygreys anatomyygreys Jun 05, 2016
...........ok.... Well she's obviously deranged.... And love has its limits.
Destiny_Chase Destiny_Chase May 14, 2016
This Girl is Crazy...!!...And well Jason Too...Althought I could imagine Beiber Doing all that...GOD!! He will Look so Sexy
lukescum lukescum Mar 19, 2016
I wanna let everone know, that this my favorite,rereading for the 100 time !
BiebersBlackGirl BiebersBlackGirl Jul 10, 2016
Absolutely fool ( re-reading this story again cus I can't remember reading it)
ifangurl ifangurl Jun 17, 2016
Call me crazy but I'd probably fall in love with him too..oops