Dominant *Jason McCan Love Story

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willowedtree By willowedtree Updated a year ago
Jason isn't what you would call the nicest guy.Kills people for a living and is impossible to trace.So when he kidnaps Sweet sweet Innocent Scarlet what could be expected.Definitely not what is about to happen.Yeah he may call her names and beat her,Yes he does rape and hurt her...but in a weird way....that's his way of love.
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How could u love someone who beats u and rapes u bish u f*ucking crazy
Dude uhh parents vr killed by him n uhh say uhh luv hm ..Man!!r uhh insane or vat??.. dz chic needs help man !!!
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i you love someone who killed your parents and rape you? she must be so sick
people who are huh abused and all they kind of think that the person who beats them loves them - like its their way of showing love and bc hes the only to protect her , she of course would love him. its just some mental thingy
i ❤️ this book so much ! Second time reading and I never read books twice !