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There's Something About Kellin (boyxboy)

There's Something About Kellin (boyxboy)

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frnk By ptvasfrickk Completed

Vic was oddly satisfied with just seeing Kellin around university and casually stalking his Twitter account from time to time. But everything changed when he thought that it would be a fantastic idea to actually befriend him.

((Everything written in this book actually happened in real life- names are just changed to band dudes' names bec why not and for confidentiality reasons))

Friend: I wanna be like you. You're so confident and proud!
                              Me: aw thanks
                              Me (internally): Oh god they're looking at me what do I do? Is my hair messy? Oh no I'm so ugly it doesn't matter. *starts freaking out about everything*
ME. i stalk kellin, vic, marilyn manson social repose, brendon urie, gerard way(like hes ever on there, its like a damn ghost town lmao) ray toro, mikey way, frank iero, twiggy ramirez, john 5, miw, and yeh i stalk lots of people on not crazy c:
My teacher asked me to come to the board in 9th grade. Within 2 minutes I was crying.
ShipsAreReal ShipsAreReal Jun 23, 2016
                              PALMS WERE SWEATY 
                              THERE'S VOMIT ON MY SWEATER ALREADY
                              MOM'S SPAGHETTI
                              I had to im sorry I'll let myself out
trashcanwithapen trashcanwithapen Jul 04, 2016
I always love these parts because it's like I'm the one falling in love