Reborn For Revenge

Reborn For Revenge

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Mih_Rai By kenamaegarcia Updated Jul 13, 2016

As lissana came back from edolas people have been treating Lucy differently. Even Natsu kicked her out of his team mostly everyone turned their backs on her

As the broken girl ran away she met new people and got stronger as she return for revenge she encounters Sabertooth mostly A blonde haired mage who will change her life in the future but how? When love rivals come,demonic match makers decline,Her old lover and her emotionless,cruel attitude?

how will he win her broken heart?
but will he?
someone already did? 
This is sticy my favorite
I know I know revenge stuff...
Welp there's GMG and encountering Fairytail of course...

JuliaBrynnn JuliaBrynnn 6 days ago
Let me continue that sentence: "nothing , wait I'm better than poop." "No you aren't you are moldy lasagna"
I will rip your soul out and shred it in pieces so when you die,you won't go to Heaven or Hell....and when that happens I want you to feel the wrath of every single llamacorn potato there is and I want you to die and endless die
AnimeSavage AnimeSavage Aug 10, 2016
BOI WTFF U HAVE ISSUES that's mean when I'm reading someone's diary, 
                              Friend: Is that my diary?
                              Me: No. *Throws it into a bowl a soup*
                              Friend: Mk. *Takes a bowl of soup and spit it out*
                              Friend: WHY IS MY DIARY IN MY SOUP?! 
                              Me: Uhum... Idk. *Shrugs innocently*
readinrandom readinrandom Aug 17, 2016
I don't even understand, she's weak but she can hurt Lisanna, she "hurt" Lisanna making her a slût, wtf kind of stupid logic is this?!
secrettaleau secrettaleau Dec 30, 2016
Natsu~ wanna fight *goes in undyne the undying mode*
                              yes i'm an undertale fan
Me:GO TO SPACE!!!!*Goes to space*Welp,there goes my food....wait......NOOOOOOO MY FOOD NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO