A different life (A Twilight Fan-Fic)(Completed)

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Ellie :D By RedTears Completed
    What if the Cullens came 15 years later, when Bella is at the age of 32 (they’ve never been in forks before)? What would her life look like? Would she be in a relationship, would she have kids or a job? And will/can she still be in love with Edward???
    ~DISCLAIMER - I do not own these characters or settings because they belong to Stephenie Meyer. I only own the characters, settings and storylines that I created myself~
    Book 2, A forbidden future:
    A different life has come to an end. With other words, Bella and Edward have met, James and Laurent are dead, Victoria wants revenge, Edward left Bella and went to Tanya, Seth was kidnapped, the pack and Bella found Seth and Bella and Edward came together again. So, Twilight and New Moon are finished. But what happens if the saga continues? Read it all in the sequel to A different life, A forbidden future!
This is not horrid, just letting you know. You're a cool kid haha. And the fact that you wrote in a foreign language and did it well is extremely impressive. Good job :D
@RedTears sorry i won't write a story in dutch because i clearly know that i'll suck at the language. i'd rather spend time reading and understanding the language than jumping right into writing in it and making a fool of myself.
ah there you go... so then all of us should start writing in languages we're not good at and then justify the use of wrong grammar of that particular language. you have an interesting way of thinking.
Haha, @ChangingDepths , you accidentally tagged me into your comment instead of @RedTears ! xD
@RedTears you go girl!  ( sorry, just had to comment since I saw it in my newsfeed)
then you should maybe learn the language properly before writing an entire novel/story in that language. it will only benefit you.