Forgotten Moment

Forgotten Moment

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Vanicao By Vanicao Completed

Rui  Leonetti could not believe that Vera could waltz back into his life and act like she could not remember the turmoil she had created five years ago. He knew she had no morals but to pretend that they were strangers was really pushing him to the edge.

She had to be taught a lesson, one which would make her wish she had disappeared completely from his life five years ago!

Vera Smith did not know why Rui  Leonetti hated her. She had never met him before and would surely remember if she had ever encountered this handsome billionaire. Unfortunately she was forced to work with him. 

The daggers he threw at her were hurtful. 

She had to get to the bottom of his hatred for her and she hoped it had nothing to do with that.....forgotten moment!

Beautiful cover by @Jennineslays!

  • amnesia
  • baby
  • betrayal
  • billionaire
  • business
  • child
  • friendship
  • memoryloss
  • rich
  • richman
  • son
  • stalker
  • workinggirl
bitchface_ bitchface_ Aug 07
Did she get in an accident? Is someone stealing her identity? Does she have a twin? THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS! lol jk I'm reaching she probably got in an accident and lost her memory 🤔🤔🤔
bitchface_ bitchface_ Aug 07
Bitch ME TOO! I'm legit playing detective and I barely know shít 😂😂😂
bitchface_ bitchface_ Aug 07
You know a story is bomb when you already add it to your reading list after the first chapter 👏🏽👏🏽
bitchface_ bitchface_ Aug 07
Something obviously happened to her why isn't he putting the pieces together 🙄🙄
norablack39 norablack39 Dec 22, 2016
Wow!! I feel so sorry for her! I can't even imagine how scared she might be..
LiyayBrenda LiyayBrenda May 03, 2016
I love it I definetly do great just can't wait to finish the book