The Bad Boy Inside The Black Suit ✔ [COMPLETED]

The Bad Boy Inside The Black Suit ✔ [COMPLETED]

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Kryzel Jhae By CrazyIsTheNewAwesome Completed

"Please tell me that we're walking towards somewhere not so far away with his condition." I pointed at my grandfather and crossed my arms, "He'll either dry out of blood or I'll die because of old age."

Adam glared at me. He pulled one of the torches and tada! The floor was replaced by railings and a cart I saw in Minecraft popped in front of us.


"Hop on princess, before your grandfather runs out of blood, or you'll die because of me 'accidentally' killing you."


Emily is not the kind of person who seeks trouble, but for some reasons, someone wants her dead. 

With her parents suddenly gone missing and other circumstances, she is now forced to be with the bad boy inside the black suit named Adam.

●Book 2 in The Suit series● {by the way, the books in the series could be stand alone books}

Highest Ranking : #14 in Humor 4/24/16

~~~copyright 2015 - 2016  Kryzel Jhae~~~

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NashtyShatt NashtyShatt Oct 30, 2017
Me when I ask myself what my valentine got me but I remember I don't have one
littlemissme101 littlemissme101 Dec 16, 2017
Yo mama isso fat that when she went to the beach a whale came up and sang "we are family even though your fatter than me"
MB_JB4Lyfe MB_JB4Lyfe Dec 27, 2017
Me. I may know the password but I still do it slow af. And if I feel like I accidentally pressed a wrong button even though I didn't, I erase everything and start all over.
- - Apr 27, 2016
This book is perfect, don't understand why this doesn't have more votes and comments
asoola8 asoola8 Feb 10, 2016
I love this book I really can't wait for the next update😃😃😃😉