The Dragon's Torment

The Dragon's Torment

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**The Dragon's Song | A Novella**

A collection of short tales to compliment The Dragon's Song series.

Follow Cori's passage through the time between The Dragon's Throne and The Dragon's Downfall as seen through the eyes of her friends and enemies.

*Reading The Dragon's Throne prior to these tales is recommended*

richrhodes richrhodes May 22
She should have told him properly though, I feel sorry for the guy, and of course for Rowan, she wasn't faithful to him. She didn't wait..(sigh)
dizepain dizepain May 30
If they really like each other you wouldn't be married bitch... Poor Cori, alone and cast away
Maisarah17 Maisarah17 Apr 16
I would have been suspicious or jealous too if i were her. I mean, if it was your husband it's only natural to feel jealous. Especially since she always found then at a tavern
poor Dahl.. ugh, I understand that Cori wanted to be conceived but taking advantage of Dahl like that and leaving him heartbroken sucks man ☹️
No boi, she gettin drunk so she can actually do the sex WITHOUT thinking it's you. Lol
micey02 micey02 May 10
I hate people who act like this. If people share a particular bond that you're not apart of then call it quits and stick to your own bond.  Jealousy isn't a pretty thing on any body.  Great story btw. 😊