HIS *On Hold*

HIS *On Hold*

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Josephine Oloaga By Just_Josie Updated Sep 24, 2016

A sudden flash of amber runs through my mind before his face is there. Every detail, memorised like the back of my hand. His black under cut, the top long enough that he pulls it back in a short ponytail, his harshly cut dark eyebrows, that crease in the centre as he concentrates when in thought.

His high angular cheek bones, slightly flushed as he clenches his just as angular square jaw in anger. His slightly crooked nose that has been broken more than twice before giving his handsomely beautiful looks a more deadlier ensemble. Then there's his lips, smooth pink full lips, something that should be illegal for this guy.

His face rapidly appears in my mind, his eyes still locked with mine as my body continues to sway slightly, his face changing rapidly, but I know its him, his emotions changing in the various images as if he were a past time that were locked away and was now re-opened. My eyes start to flutter closed as my hands loosen their hold on his black muscle shirt.

His heavily muscled arm, comes around my waist, tightening me to him as he bends down slightly to accomadate me. My eyes naturally find his again as a sense of completion takes over my body, his big hands clutch at my rounded hips, searing me with a trace of electric heat.



Currently on hold.

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I got 2 donuts for my 16th birthday. But oh well. 🤷‍♀️ they were delichous *miranda sings voice*
If Im correct that means Good night or Good Bye. I took some spanish classes.
judylove48 judylove48 Oct 13, 2016
I'm glad I'm not the only one that knew right away what race was in town lmao even tho I'm Haitian its w.e hoe
bbarreda bbarreda Nov 07, 2016
I'm white skin and I'm from Mexico.  People think I'm American. But when I speak my accent is noticeable.
pizzaland- pizzaland- Jun 17, 2016
I'm mixed with pretty much everything and my mom and my friends call me this.. is that weird?
TheLostSocks TheLostSocks Jul 11, 2016
Ima be real with u i dont have a single clue how faded jeans show iff mexican herritage at all