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Mission Dummy II: The Fault in Our Starks (Avengers x Reader)

Mission Dummy II: The Fault in Our Starks (Avengers x Reader)

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lexi_2984 By lexi_2984 Updated Oct 13, 2016

Bruh. So get this. Not even a week after that whole Ultron fiasco has passed and yet Tony has screwed up yet again. He started doing experiments TO THE SKY!! He created some kind of worm hole that accidentally sucked in Peter Quill's ship and BAM! The Guardians crash onto the earth. So naturally, Tony has to fix it. However, you have to babysit five assholes while introducing 'Merica to the Maximoff twins who are actually surprisingly a handful AND teach Vision about.... well... EVERYTHING. SO BASICALLY, STRESS LEVEL 10000000000 THANKS TONY! -.-

PatriciaPelfrey PatriciaPelfrey Jul 25, 2016
Nah but I would do the job IF I was payed with a new phone and MONEY
_lyn2003 _lyn2003 Jan 31
I'm pretty sure it is Tony's just lieing about the whole lab thing
chibikitten98 chibikitten98 Jan 31, 2016
Pietro rising from the dead be like:
                              SUPRISE, MOTHERFUCKER
                              FIRST PRIZE MOTHERFUCKER
                              HEART EYES MOTHERFUCKER
                              RUE DIES MOTHERFUCKER
                              (Whoever knows who this Viner is/was is my best friend. No joke.)
I got Wanda's back.
                              Girls gotta stick together, know what I'm sayin?
chibikitten98 chibikitten98 May 13, 2016
Please update ur killing me!!!😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣