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High King for a High Queen: Narnia/Peter Pevensie Fanfic

High King for a High Queen: Narnia/Peter Pevensie Fanfic

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Greek_GeekGirl By Greek_GeekGirl Completed

My name is Alianora. I am the Daughter of Aslan, Granddaughter of the Emperor Over the Sea, Protector of Narnia. It sounds pretty impressive when I say it like that, but really, it's not that great. When Jadis, also known as the White Witch, took over Narnia. I could do nothing but run, disobeying a direct order from my father, which was to keep Narnia safe from her. My father always treated me as more of a soldier than a daughter, which makes me slightly bitter, but I do my best for Narnia. He never seems to know how to act around me. What do I look like? Well, I have golden eyes and blonde hair from my father, and black streaks representing my lioness form. I am a black lioness, with the ability to keep clothing when I change back and forth from animal forms, and an unclaimed lady of Narnia, not to mention the daughter of Aslan. Basically, I am the rarest thing in Narnia, or really anywhere in this realm. I have stayed hidden from Jadis, quietly protecting Narnia the best I can, as her magic weakens my powers of magic and the elements. I do not use my title, partially because I was never claimed by my father, and partially because I hate using something like that to prompt people to do something. These days, the woods are dangerous, but there is a feeling in the air. Something is about to happen, something that has not been for over a hundred years.

Any parts of this story you recognize do not belong to me, as I only own my characters and storyline. All other credit goes to C.S. Lewis. Any similarities to other authors are unintentional.

Caroline1802 Caroline1802 Apr 02, 2016
Please if it is not too much trouble, explain to me how you pronounce her name please?💙