Infinity :: Colby Brock

Infinity :: Colby Brock

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M»A»D»D»I»E By lunarmadz Completed

"Things will never be the same."

He kissed her lips like they were air, and he couldn't breath. 




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KaryssaPeterson KaryssaPeterson Nov 24, 2017
I threw my phone cause I hate when this happens I feel her embarrassment
that_awkward-potato that_awkward-potato Jul 25, 2017
Seeing Sam all fluffy (if you font undestrand what I'm talking about, I'm talking about hum being alk happy and smiley and not focused, he's some times like that I'm vlogs) is so cuteeee
Jexxy- Jexxy- Aug 14, 2017
Wowww once I read that, I really clicked outta the book cuz if someone gets embarrassed, I just get embarrassed to XD
RiverdalePickle RiverdalePickle Aug 01, 2017
I'm hiding in the comments because I don't want to move on 😂
basicxbabe basicxbabe Jan 05
If my teacher ever did this I would slap him across the face and walk out the damn door holding up my middle finger, but that’s just me
beritmmanser beritmmanser Jun 15, 2017
I can already tell this is going to be an amazing book. Your writing style is inspirational 👌🏻