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[ONGOING] ❝I'll make this feel like home.❞

Warning: Contains mild language.

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I step on a legos multiple times I'm use to it bc my cousin puts them everywhere
Now I'm sad bc Zayn and Niall probably are Eleanor's or a beard and didn't come out of harry IK I'M SO PROBLEMATIC
If I said that I would be in the ground six feet under bc you know when you're asian parents beat you to death with their slippers
Why are some people so judgmental and in everybody's issues and just being a shïthead? The worst thong is they blame the ones who don't even have control over a situation and those cûnts shît on them because of it. Smh I hate the world.
That's rude. Didn't your parents raised you to help the less fortunate?
*rants more but also rlly lazy to type shît so writes it like this*